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Partnering with Families to Build Strong Mind, Body and Christian Character

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I wouldn’t have stayed around this long if I didn’t love it !

- Deborah

I love working with children of all ages…. I’m teaching skills that will boost their success for a lifetime. We are a team and a community with a friendly and connected culture.

- Sally

It’s very kid friendly. The rooms are set up with cool artwork throughout the center. It’s family-owned, not a chain of centers or corporate run so the staff are flexible on family matters. Plus, they are fun and outgoing!

- Natalie

Kids Junction feels like family. You’re appreciated by the parents and the administration.

- Kristin

It’s a friendly and faithful environment. I’m free to teach my own way. And the directors work with us and are for us.

- Pam

We have flexible schedules. And lots of smiling babies! Plus, every day is a new adventure.

- Nicole

There are lots of resources and materials to help you succeed in your classroom.

- Lauren